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  • Children and Teens

    Both children as well as teens, have difficulty sometimes finding the words to express their thoughts and feelings. There is so much that they are exposed to these days, school challenges, family relationships, and life challenges. As they grow, they are trying to navigate their world.

    Teens benefit from a counselor who is aware of social media and today’s teen issues. Teens need to feel comfortable with a counselor and trust the counselor will keep their confidence and help them communicate better. If your teen fits into any of the categories below, we can help!

    Sad and overwhelmed

    Unmotivated and disinterested

    Overcome by trauma

    Angry and belligerent

    Overachieving perfectionist

    Shy and withdrawn

    Victimized and Bullied

    Social Media addicted

    Emotionally dis-regulated

    Lacking social skills

    A counselor can help children and teens learn coping skills, resiliency and find their voice. A counselor who works with children should have an easy time establishing rapport and a passion for helping others find “hope and solutions”.